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Tax Preparation

Located in SE Portland, we offer tax preparation and planning for individuals and businesses. We want to ensure that you get the most out of your tax deductions and credits and approach every client relationship from a place of compassion and integrity. Taxes can be overwhelming and confusing so we’re here to be your guide to make sure you are on the path to financial success. Tax preparation starts at a base rate of $350. Below is an outline of services and pricing.

Simple/Basic Federal & State Tax Returns

Individual 1040 Federal + State

Includes one state, Schedule A, Projection and Quarterly Tax Vouchers, postage and E-Signatures
$  375

Additional State filing

Per additional state
$  100

Local City and Transit District filing

Portland / Multnomah / Trimet
$  75

Additional Schedules

Schedule C - Self Employed income

$  150

Form 4797: Sales of Business Property

$  100

Schedule D - Sale of Stock

$  75

Schedule E - Rental Property

$  150

Schedule H - Household Employment Taxes

$  150

Business Entity Returns

1120S S-Corp Return

Fee is per S-Corp
$  750

S Corp Conversion

S Corp Conversion

Includes completion and submission of paperwork, as well as a 1 hour meeting to set up payroll software and determine how much to pay yourself.
$  350

Specialty Requests and Applications

Tax Extension

New clients only. Fee will be applied as a credit to future tax return
$  100

Tax Projection

1-hour meeting to estimate your current year taxes and estimated payments. Typically conducted during the summer
$  150

1040X - Amended Tax Return

$  500

Prior Year Tax Return

Fee must be paid in advance
$  750

Data Compilation

Non-cash contributions, medical expenses, etc.
$  150

Support and Research

Related to letters from IRS, state and local taxing agencies
$  200  per hour